Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to the roots!

As I´ve already mentioned I´m visiting my parents near Stralsund at the moment. I´m coming home only twice a year because of the distance (about 9 hours by train) and always try to do as many things as possible within one week. During the last years I always missed one of my favorite events in town: the Wallenstein days. But this year I even had the chance to see the parade that normally starts the whole event. Due to the bad weather they had to rearrange the date from friday to sunday and it was the first time ever that I saw the parade. Reenactors and citizens dressed in (mostly) 17th century clothes and had a walk through the older parts of the town. Baroque fashion was my first "vintage" love and I still drool over especially the men´s clothes of the early 17th century. Back then I even thought about becoming part of a local group of reenactors. Of course I took quite a few pictures.

Somebody on this carriage gave us a cucumber
that weighed 1.1kg! I´m afraid to eat it.
After I took a close up of the gentleman in the
blue uniform he tried to pierce me with his pike.

Poor "monks" that had to walk barefoot in the cold. 
I wish I could show you some more reenactors, but I want to try and get their permissions first. Have to do some researching about their clubs and such. But don´t worry, I´ve got loads of pictures I took in town that I will show in a separate posting.

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