Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Turning a bad hair day into "Yay!"

So, rumors say that today´s the first day of summer. I think somebody should have told him then. I for my part had planned to go for my regular pin curl set for today. A friend of mine had a seriously important presentation and I felt it was appropriate to dress up a bit. To bad my set had other plans and turned out like a very messy late 50s page boy. Not funny! Luckily I had bought a hair rat some months ago and then never used it because of lazyness... What I can say now is that doing a Gibson roll look is so much easier than I thought. At least if you have enough bobby pins and a big flower to cover up little mistakes. I got quite a few compliments on this one and it lasted through the whole day. Yay!

Front view. That´s me. Hi!
The sides are still a bit messy but it could have been worse!
I obviously need a dye job.
On other notes it seems like an ebay seller send me an unexpected little gift. I hope it was no mistake on his side. More on that next time.

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