Monday, June 27, 2011

If everything fails

I bought this dress on a flea market last year. It was quite worn, had a few stains, some ripped seams and was overall quite yellowed around the bodice. But I liked the pattern and thought that I could get rid of the dirt first and then fix it. Well, I was wrong. I scrubbed like there was no tomorrow, I tried soft bleaching, nothing worked. And because I´m no fan of worn out colours I did something a bit more radical. Home dyeing! It was hard to choose what colour I should go for that matches my accessories, my lipsticks, the colour of the pattern and that is not marine blue. The result:

I love green. It´s even brighter than in the picture and I seriously can´t stop looking at it. Now I need to find some nice black buttons and maybe sew a black belt to go with it.

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