Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flea market awesomeness

I found so much great stuff on todays flea market I still can´t believe it. I didn´t even want to go there initially. Just changed my mind yesterday evening. Lucky me.

1€, including a pair of seamed nylons with stains

3€, my favorite hat I think 

I bought this with the black one but I´m probably gonna sell it,
because it doesnt suit me at all.
5€, so so comfortable
1€, scarf by Monique Valery, bought with another scarf
circleskirt, 3€, I´m not sure about this one though


  1. Lucky girl! Lovely shoes, may I ask what size you wear? :-)

  2. I´m switching between 38 and 39, depending on weather and weight. Both pairs are a german vintage 9, the reddish pair is a bit narrow at the moment though. I think I need a foot diet :).